John Daniels

Major: Music Education/Instrumental Performance (Double Major)

Activities: 12 various Westminster music ensembles, Mortar Board, ASTA, ACDA (President), PcMEA, Mu Phi Epsilon, Titan Tour Guides, Music Internship Teaching Program

Awards/Accomplishments: Drinko Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Dean’s List, Commendations from the City of Hermitage, Young Conductors Competition Winner, PA Fire Academy and Dept. of Health certifications

“From the moment I walked onto campus my first semester, I had brothers of Theta Chi offering to help and guide me through my first year. I had no clue that they were even part of a fraternity because not a single moment did they ever mention anything about Greek life or their letters. When I asked, they explained all of Greek life, not just Theta Chi. Telling me about what each fraternities aims, goals, and passions were, and different stories they had with the other groups. They also kept an eye out for me and would step in to help, sometimes when I didn’t even realize I needed it. I saw these similarities amongst the different brothers of various academic departments—not just one specific group or “clique”. What I was encountering is that they all shared a common idea I would later find out was known as “The Assisting Hand.” They didn’t just act that way because of the fraternity, it was just who they were. It’s one of the things that makes Greek life interesting, in that it helps you find a group of people who are like you and come together under shared ideas and goals, for the betterment of each other and our community.”

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