Jack Karson — Recruitment Chair

Major: Film & Media Relations

Activities: Student Content Creator for Westminster’s Office of Marketing & Communication, Ultimate Frisbee Club (President)

Awards/Accomplishments: Dean’s list in first four semesters, 2020 BEA Student Film & Video Award of Excellence, 2019 CBI Best Audio Feature Reporting Runner-Up, National Finalist at Speech & Debate Tournament, 2019 URAC Poetry Slam Champion

Coming into college, I was extremely reluctant about Greek Life. I viewed it as a distraction and a waste of time & money. As I got acclimated with college, plenty of upperclassmen reached out to make sure I was doing well in the crazy high school-to-college transition. I quickly realized that these supportive upperclassmen were all Theta Chi brothers. This was my first experience with the Helping Hand. The brothers didn’t just reach out to try to convince me to join their fraternity; they genuinely wanted to do everything they could to help anyone who might be struggling—not just me. In fact, no one had to convince me of anything by the time Pickup Day rolled around in the spring. Theta Chi had embraced me without ever pitching the fraternity to me, and, as a Junior, they continue to support me in every facet of my college experience. This place is anything but a distraction—it’s a leg-up in personal development.

I used to be worried about price, but I learned that Theta Chi actually makes it cheaper to attend Westminster. I used to pay over $10,000 per year to live on campus. Living in the Chapter House, I now pay less than half of that, and I get the rich experience of living in the house with 11 of my brothers.

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