Mitchel Henderson — President

Major: Political Science (Legal Studies Minor)

Activities: Campus Programming Council, Student Government Association, Model UN, Pi Sigma Alpha (Honor Society)

Awards/Accomplishments: Two-term Theta Chi President, Blue Memorial Scholarship through Theta Chi

I came to Westminster never expecting to join a fraternity. I held the stereotypical belief that fraternities were all about drinking, partying, and hazing. My first day at college completely changed that belief for me. I came to know many different Theta Chi brothers without even knowing they were in a fraternity. Through my personal relationships with them, I got to know more. I quickly realized that Theta Chi was the exact opposite than what I was expecting. I was accepted by everyone right off the bat. This fraternity has become a place that I can be myself without fear of ridicule. I have found the best friends that I will ever make through Theta Chi. I have lived in the house since my sophomore year and it has changed my entire college experience. Living with a group of guys who care for you and can also have a lot of fun has brought me out of my shell. The alumni network runs deep and has allowed me to get to know prominent people in the local area. Theta Chi has made me the active, genuine, and Resolute Man that I am today.

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