Alumni Profile: Kris Brooks ’13

“Theta Chi offered me a great opportunity to come out of my shell in school.

I was on a sports team, and the fraternity expanded my social infrastructure tremendously. I had a new group of friends in the brotherhood, and was able to meet other members of the college through Greek integration (mixers, events, etc). The fraternity, like the military, brings together a bunch of people who would most likely never have met or been friends, and creates an environment where those unlikely friendships are bolstered.

Apart from the social aspect, I enjoyed the philanthropy and service opportunities Greek life provided. There were a dozen instances where we fundraised, donated, or conducted services to give back to the community that shared the town with us.

Greek life is an amazing outlet for networking. I can’t count how many times I have seen brothers reaching out to help with job opportunities, or to just give an old friend a couch to crash on when they pass through their town.

For those hesitant about pledging, I implore you to at least give it a try for a semester. Educate yourself and see what it’s all about before you make a decision. I know far more people enjoyed it rather than regretted it.”

Kris Brooks ’13 — United States Air Force.

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