Alumni Profile: Daniel Giles PhD ’12

“I never imagined that I would join a fraternity before I got to Westminster.

I was still fairly uncertain when I got a bid, but I took a leap. Ultimately, I joined not because I wanted to make friends, or be part of something bigger, or some other higher purpose (all of which are things which happened)—I joined because I was already a part of the fellowship that was there.

I admired the work the brothers did, my friends were either part of the fraternity or hoping to join, and I felt welcomed already. Whether you find that in greek life, or in another social group, I’d encourage students to really buy in, experience what it has to offer in a committed way. The buy-in can really change your mentality whether it’s through dues, time, or energy.

I truly believe it’s important to live into that liberal arts mentality and diversify your college experience. Westminster College isn’t just for academics, it’s a place to build lifelong relationships, become entrenched in community, and to experience as much as possible.”

Daniel Giles PhD ’12 — Postdoctoral Researcher, The SETI Institute

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