Owen Meilander — Vice President

Major: Physics and Mathematics

Activities: Campus Programming Council (VP of Routine Events), Student Government Association (Chaplain), Society of Physics Students (Secretary), Marching Band (Treasurer) OKS (Treasurer), Manager of the Student Engagement Team, Lead Peer Tutor, KME Math Honor Society, Math Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Caterer for Sodexo

Awards: Member of the Honors Program, Dean’s List, Sherwood and Janet Roberts Blue Memorial Scholarship (through Theta Chi)

“Coming into college, I never expected to pick up a fraternity. However, once I got to college and met many of the brothers of Theta Chi, I realized this is where I belong.

In everything I was involved with, I saw Theta Chi’s in leadership positions, helping to make Westminster the great place that it is. I decided in the fall of my sophomore year that it was the right place for me.

I quickly became involved as Chaplain and the chair of the Service Committee the next semester. This gave me the opportunity to give back to both the community and the school. Also through these positions, I was also able to connect with multiple alumni and make connections that will last through my lifetime.

Finally, this upcoming year, I have been elected as Vice President , and I am excited to serve in this capacity to further give back to both Theta Chi and the School.”

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