Tyler Snodgrass

Major: Neuroscience

Activities: Five Westminster Music Ensembles, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society (former President), Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society, Student Government Association (Treasurer), Theta Chi Fraternity (Standards Chairman, Risk Management Chairman)

Awards/Accomplishments: Young Conductors Competition Winner

“Before coming to college, I had never given Greek life a second thought. I thought it was always a culture full of drugs, drinking, and the normal associated stereotypes. When I initially met some of the brothers, my views instantly changed. Those men showed characteristics of leaders, mentors, and Resolute Men. It was them that inspired me to join Theta Chi.

The values that we stand for (truth, temperance, and tolerance) align with my own values, and being in an organization that exemplifies those values feels right. Through the best and worst times, the brotherhood has been a constant and shining light, providing me support in any aspect.

Shortly after joining, I took on the role of Risk Management Chairman, which is the person who makes sure the Fraternity complies with all school, local, state, and federal laws during social events. Risk also educates members on our zero tolerance policy for hazing and ensures that the chapter complies with the policy. I later took on the role of Standards Chairman, which is the head of the Standards Board, the judicial body of the Fraternity. The Standards Board ensures that our brothers are following the Constitution and Bylaws of Theta Chi Fraternity, as well as living and exemplifying the oaths of our brotherhood.

Choosing this fraternity has been one of the greatest decisions I have made, and I know that my experience will forever change the way I live. Theta Chi has made me a leader, mentor, and a Resolute Man, and for that I cannot express enough gratitude.”

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