Benjamin Patosky

Major: Music Education

Activities: Mu Phi Epsilon

Awards: Theta Chi Scholarship recipient

“Coming to college, I didn’t have much bias one way or another in regard to fraternity life. I had heard some stereotypical things, but wanted to gauge the opinion for myself. I did some individual research myself, and eventually came to the conclusion that Theta Chi would be the place to build me up, and to help me to become a better person than I was.

I specifically remember leaving a band rehearsal, and standing next to my now fraternity big/father. He told me that after he picked up, he never looked back, and I took that advice and ran with it. Now, as an undergraduate senior, I can say that rushing and picking up Theta Chi has been one of the best decisions I have made in my undergraduate career. I have always had a consistent group of friends I could turn to, no matter what happened.

Especially with COVID, which rocked all of us in one way or another to our cores, I was very thankful to live in the house with a few more people than just a dormitory or a townhouse. I will always be grateful for what Theta Chi has done for me and will continue providing for me. I’m very lucky to call this brotherhood home, and will continue giving back in any way that I can before and after graduation.”

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