When you pick up Theta Chi, you don’t just gain an undergraduate brotherhood; you gain access to our network of over 950 alumni brothers. Our alumni are engaged in the success of our active brothers and the chapter as a whole. Years after graduating, Theta Chi brothers recognize their growth through the fraternity, and they continue to offer the helping hand to the chapter and all who seek it. Here’s what they have to say about Theta Chi Westminster:

“I’d encourage students to really buy in, experience what it has to offer in a committed way, the buy in can really change your mentality. Westminster College isn’t just for academics, it’s a place to build lifelong relationships, become entrenched in community, and to experience as much as possible.”

Daniel Giles PhD ’12 — Postdoctoral Researcher, The SETI Institute

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“Greek life is an amazing outlet for networking. I can’t count how many times I have seen brothers reaching out to help with job opportunities, or to just give an old friend a couch to crash on when they pass through their town.”

Kris Brooks ’13 — United States Air Force

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“At Westminster, I helped to lead our philanthropy efforts. Not only were those experiences immensely rewarding but they helped me learn skills that have been invaluable in my professional life.”

Patrick Allen ’05 — VP, Content at FanSided

“Theta Chi gave me a a place where I could engage with other like-minded young men.

I was able to practice team-building, problem-solving, and foster close interpersonal relationships. We had a lot of fun along the way!”

Nate Kronenwetter DMD,MD ’13 — Resident Physician – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; University at Buffalo

“Theta Chi was the most important aspect of my college career. It gave me growth both personally and professionally, offered me differing perspectives of the world, and introduced me to some of my best friends.”

Derek Pollice ’14 — Client Intelligence at Reed Smith

“The thing I probably loved most about Theta Chi in my day that holds true today is the diversity of the brotherhood. It didn’t matter the color your skin, the clothes you wore, if you played a sport or your economic background, you were accepted. It made for a valuable learning and growth experience. Especially when we’re able to rally those varying backgrounds to achieve a common goal like raising money for charity or kicking ass in Greek Olympics and Sing & Swing.”

Chad Sutley ’95 — Vice President, Aon Risk Services

“My biggest advice is to ignore the stigma that large-campus greek organizations cast on the whole system. Westminster is not WVU or Penn State, and the garbage that some of their less respectable Greeks perpetuate does not happen at Westminster. Greek life on a small campus is a completely different experience than it is on a large campus, and it’s so much more close knit and personal. Give small campus Greek life a chance, you won’t regret it.”

Tyler Martin-Call ’14 —Case Review Officer, SCIS (Paragon Systems)

“The house is not a dorm and the guy in the other bed is not your roommate. The house is a home and that guy is your brother.”

Preston Dibble ’01 — Organist and Director of Music at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, South Orange, NJ

“Theta Chi offered me my first real leadership position, serving as an officer my senior year as Pledge Marshal. It was an honor and a role I dove into. I was also active as an alumni board member for a number of years after graduating. Most importantly, Theta Chi also provided me the opportunity to meet and develop long-lasting relationships with a wide variety of guys that would have been impossible under other conditions.”

Michael Kirschman ’92 – Director, City of Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

“I was able to save a considerable amount of money by living in the house instead of being on campus. Not only was it great to have a place to unwind off campus but being with that group of people was absolutely worth it.”

Tim Savage ’19 — Full-time graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University School of Music

“I have received mentoring, jobs, and great advice and support in difficult times.”

Andrew Henley ’17 — President, Pleasant Hill Historians

“Theta Chi has provided me with lifelong friendships, mentorship, as well as personal and professional development. Homecoming, pickup days, and formals were among my favorite fraternity memories.”

Ryan Nicklas M.D. ’13 — Chief Resident Anesthesiologist at Augusta University

“Favorite Theta Chi memory is having Billy Joel hour sing alongs. From future pledges to parents, nothing brings everyone together like a sing a long and that experience still holds true in my professional life.”

Robert LaBar ’92 — Chief Deputy Attorney General, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

“Theta Chi helped foster life-long friendships that I cherish today, and a love for our brotherhood of supporting and encouraging one another.”

Zach Marsh ’09 — Community Relations Manager at Variety – the Children’s Charity

“This is a Brotherhood that honors a Creed that our country needs more of. I know I can show up at any brother’s door and have shelter if that’s what I need.”

Matthew Esch ’96 — Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“What do you have to lose? May as well give it a go.”

Harrison Greene ’16 — Customer Experience Banker at The Huntington National Bank

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