Christian Daviduk

Major: Music Education Activities: Titan Marching Band, Mu Phi Epsilon, Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association, American String Teachers Association Awards: Elisabeth M. Bayer Scholarship, C. Rudolph-Evelyn S Carlin Scholarship, Mary Rahiser Harper Scholarship, Sherwood and Janet Roberts Blue Memorial Scholarship “Coming into college, I had always been interested in the concept of Greek life. WhenContinue reading “Christian Daviduk”

Michael Ace

Major: Mathematics Activities: Pre-Veterinary Society, TriBeta (Biological Honors Society), Math Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematical Honors Society), SPARK Club, Peer Success Coach, & Orientation Leader Awards: Dean’s List, Sherwood and Janet Roberts Blue Memorial Scholarship (through Theta Chi) “Beginning my college career, I struggled to break out of my shell. I only did activities IContinue reading “Michael Ace”

Jace Armentrout — Alumni Relations Chair

Major: Master of Business Administration Awards: Homecoming King (2018), Westminster Student of the Year (2019) “Initially unsure if fraternity life was for me, I picked up on a whim. I haven’t looked back ever since. The friendships and opportunities this fraternity has provided me with have been a highlight throughout my college experience.”

Jonathan Micsky — VP of Health & Safety

Major: Nursing Activities: Pole Vault “I didn’t realize it at first, but the friend group I had freshman year were all in the fraternity. Once I learned that my friends were Theta Chi’s, I wanted to join too. The atmosphere and friendship they brought to me is equaled in the whole fraternity. Theta Chi hasContinue reading “Jonathan Micsky — VP of Health & Safety”

Travis Ball — Grillmaster

Major: Accounting Activities: Grilling Awards: Dean’s List 2018-2020 “I met some of the fellas and thought they were cool and saw it as a great opportunity to get involved on campus. I’ve met a lot of great people and had the chance to take part in cool activities. Also, I like that people come outContinue reading “Travis Ball — Grillmaster”