Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Theta Chi haze?

A: No—not even a little bit. Our hazing policy is zero-tolerance. Fraternities have a dark history of hazing, and it’s important to shed light on the history so we can be better now. Theta Chi commits to prevent hazing before it occurs, stop it when we see it, and report it then we know it has happened. Brothers and friends of Theta Chi always have the Chapter House as a safe space and the brotherhood as an encouraging community.

We help empower others to do the same in their organizations, schools, and communities. Together with Phi Mu, Theta Chi holds an annual These Hands Don’t Haze event on campus. We use this event to pledge our commitment to stop hazing and ask others to do so as well.

Q: What are Theta Chi parties like?

A: Theta Chi usually (in a non-COVID world) holds weekly house parties at our Chapter House. These events are actively monitored to ensure that all guests are safe. For each party, certain brothers are designated to check on guests throughout the house, and others provide safe transportation to and from campus. Any alcoholic beverages above 15% ABV are not permitted in the Chapter House to encourage a safe environment.

Q: What is Theta Chi’s policy on drugs & alcohol?

A: Theta Chi holds a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs. Using drugs, of any kind, is prohibited in the Chapter House and in the Fraternity. As stated under parties, any alcohol above 15% ABV is not permitted in the Chapter House. We do not promote a drinking culture at Theta Chi.

Q: Is it worth the money?

A: Joining Theta Chi and living in the Chapter House will actually decrease your cost of going to Westminster because rent & dues are much cheaper than on-campus living. If you don’t live in the house, your dues go towards national conventions, improvements to the house, and large events we hold. We understand that college is a large financial obligation and allow our members to use flexible payment plans to make their experience more affordable. At Theta Chi, we don’t want cost to be a barrier for any potential new member.

Not only can picking up Theta Chi make college significantly cheaper, but the experience you’ll have and the brotherhood you’ll grow is worth its weight in gold.

Q: Where is the Chapter House? Which brothers live there?

A: The Theta Chi Chapter House is located at 305 North Market Street in beautiful New Wilmington, PA. Paying rent costs much less than living in an on campus dorm, and it’s a great way to foster real bonds with your brothers. All junior and senior members are eligible to live in the Chapter House.

“The house is not a dorm and the guy in the other bed is not your roommate. The house is a home and that guy is your brother.” -Preston Dibble, ’01 alumni brother.

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