Who We Benefit

Each semester the fraternity does at least one event which benefits a designated philanthropy. Theta Chi’s national philanthropy is the United Service Organizations (USO), for whom we raised over $2,200 in 2019-2020. All of the funds raised in our USO philanthropy events assists veterans with transitional services. We also extend the helping hand to people in New Wilmington and the surrounding community if they are in need. In the Fall 2020 semester, we raised $300 for the Bair Adoption Foundation, which is just across the street from our chapter house.

2019-2020 Philanthropy & Service

In the fall semester of 2019, we had a large spaghetti dinner fundraiser open to the community. Over two months members of the fraternity canvased local businesses selling ads for a program, sold over 200 tickets, and collected donations through several raffle baskets. It was an enormous success and raised over $2300 for the USO.

During the spring semester of 2019 plans were laid to perform a kick ball tournament with expected profits of $1000-1500 dollars. The event would have included most sports teams and Greek organizations on campus, however the COVID-19 pandemic made us cancel these plans. The money would have been donated to the national suicide prevention hotline in memory of Billy Newcomer a potential of Theta Chi who tragically took his live in late 2016. 

During the fall of 2020 most of our large-scale events where impossible due to preventative measures taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19. However, we still managed to raise $300 to support the Bair Adoption agency through a water balloon fundraiser held on the quad. We wanted to support the Bair foundation as they recently helped an alumni adopt a child and have been doing incredible work locally since 1969. 

As the fraternity of the “assisting hand,” we hold ourselves and potential members to the high standards and values of Theta Chi. Through our engagement with the community and charitable organizations, we will continue to exemplify these high standards. Read more about our national philanthropy at

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