Why Theta Chi?

“I picked up Theta Chi because of the welcoming culture that was entirely focused on who I was as a person rather than what group I was a part of either currently in college or in high school.”

Sam Accordino ’22

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“The alumni network runs deep and has allowed me to get to know prominent people in the local area. Theta Chi has made me the active, genuine, and Resolute Man that I am today.”

Mitchel Henderson ’22

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“I used to pay over $10,000 per year to live on campus. Living in the Chapter House, I now pay less than half of that, and I get the rich experience of living with 11 of my brothers.”

Jack Karson ’22

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“I am most thankful for the the bonds I have formed with the brothers of Theta Chi. Picking up my bid may be the single most beneficial & impactful decision I’ve made in my time at Westminster.”

Noah Luzader ’22

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“They have done nothing but respect and accept me. I’m so thankful for the choice I made when I was just a new, little freshman. Anyone that is a part of this brotherhood should be thankful too.”

Tomas Maielli ’21

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“Beginning my college career, I struggled to break out of my shell. Theta Chi opened my eyes to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I am now confident in who I am, and who I am becoming.”

Michael Ace ’22

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“Anytime I am in need, struggling with classes, or just generally not feeling myself, I can always rely on my brothers and the friends I’ve made through the brotherhood to help me out.”

Ethan Brady ’22

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