Michael Ace

Major: Mathematics

Activities: Pre-Veterinary Society, TriBeta (Biological Honors Society), Math Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematical Honors Society), SPARK Club, Peer Success Coach, & Orientation Leader

Awards: Dean’s List, Sherwood and Janet Roberts Blue Memorial Scholarship (through Theta Chi)

“Beginning my college career, I struggled to break out of my shell. I only did activities I was familiar with in order to find comfort during the stressful college transition. Thus I found Greek Life intimidating which resulted in my hesitation. However, my close friends encouraged me to explore the idea of joining a fraternity. I reached out to a friend from high school, Tomas Maielli, who happened to be in Theta Chi. He allowed me to vent all my concerns and questions, and even set up a meeting with about five brothers (most of which were on the executive board at the time). From this meeting, I felt more welcomed and validated than I had throughout my entire college experience up to that point. I decided that I should give it a shot, and I picked up. That was by far the best decision I could have ever made.

Theta Chi opened my eyes to new ideas and new ways of thinking. It gave me a safe place to grow without judgement, with plenty of role models to help guide the way. I am now confident in who I am, and who I am becoming- to which I owe the fraternity. Theta Chi truly has done for wonders for me, and I can never thank the brothers enough for accepting my true self.”

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